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How do I cash out my Stake? Cash Out is a real-time bet settlement feature that gives players control over their bets, giving them the chance to be paid out before the event is over. It allows bettors to profit early when their bets come, or to get some if their bets go against them.

Cashing out betting offers is made in real-time on a player’s current wager based on real-time market prices. The amount the player gets back depends heavily on the probability of the current bet winning – which means it may be larger or smaller than the original bet amount.

In order for a player to cash out, the feature must be available and display the cash out number for the bet. Cash out options are available in the Cash Out section (pregame) or the My Bets section of the bet slip.

Partial Cash Out-An invaluable feature of this feature is the Partial Cash Out feature. This feature allows players to cash out part of their bets and leave a certain amount of bets.

Unlike most bookmakers, does not have an auto-cashout feature that automatically requests a cashout when it reaches or exceeds a threshold set by the player.

It is worth mentioning that a time delay will be applied for each cashout, which may not be available if the market and/or event the player is betting on is suspended. Additionally, if the event or market is suspended or the odds are changed when a time delay is applied after the start of cashing out, the redemption attempt may fail.


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