Premier League Day 32
Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
Pick: Wolves
Bookmaker: 1xbet

The matchup between Aston Villa vs. Wolves in Premier League day 32. Aston Villa was unfortunate in their last three games; they lost 1 and 2 draws. They are on the 19th in standing in this case. The team is in danger situation and alarm them to get more winning in their games. Villa record only two points in their last seven games, and only a couple of goal differences from the team behind them. Villa was determined to win their games against Manchester United and one away matchup against Liverpool, to proving that they are still alive.

Wolverhampton Wanderers prove that they are still in good position after winning two games last week against West Ham United and a home victory over Bournemouth. In this victory, the Villa was fortunate a bit close to West Ham United and Bournemouth. They got unexpected help from Wolves. Wolves are in the sixth position, and only two points differ in Chelsea, which are in fourth position and a goal difference against Manchester United. Wolves have a chance to take out Chelsea in the fourth spot if they were able to beat Villa. This game is a favor in Wolves.

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