Buck vs Heat

Prediction: Heat

Bookmaker: 1xbet

The upcoming games are between Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat of this game 1 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference semi-final. Check on the latest Odds, prediction, and betting tips.

Eastern Conference semi-final is about to begin between the Bucks vs Heat. The Heat show their venom in the season as they added and lead by Jimmy Butler, they face Bucks twice in the regular season and win both games. Tyler Herro improves his shooting hands while Adebayo performs well in defense. The Bucks is the most dominant team in the East as they lead by Giannis Antetokounmpo. They are a strong contender for NBA title all season with 56-17 record. Khriz Middleton and Brook Lopez perform a critical role in this team to support Giannis’ dominance. Bucks is unstoppable, but the question is, what if the Heat can stop Giannis? As we saw in the regular season, the Heat won twice in their last two games. Jimmy Butler shows his leadership every game. This matchup is worth watching, but my prediction is this game one is for the Miami Heat.

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