Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s sky hook signature shot

Kareem Abdul-famous Jabbar’s sky hook is notably missing from the NBA’s imitation world


In the NBA, copycatting, or, more politely, stealing, has historically been accepted by players and coaches.


The jump shot supplanted the set shot many years ago when players restricted by gravity learned that shots could be made by leaping simultaneously. The “shootaround” was adopted by every team when Bill Sharman told the 1971–72 Los Angeles Lakers to show up at the gym the morning of each game to practice a few light drills. The Lakers subsequently went on to win a record 33 straight games.

Kids flocked to the schoolyard to imitate Tim Hardaway’s ankle-breaking crossover when he duped defenders by dribbling left and then rapidly changing right, or vice versa, in the 1980s. The 3-pointer also spread with the floor when Stephen Curry extended his range to midcourt, making common long-distance attempts look as easy as layups.


The takeaway is that any style, talent, or strategy that aids in a team’s or player’s success is quickly taken upon by others and transformed into a revolution. But there is a very odd and obvious exception.


Now, you’re free to say it; that shot is over.


— Dominique Wikins from On the Sky Hook


The sky hook is the NBA’s deadliest move ever. And the man who invented that shot rose to fame, fortune, and mythology. And across all the nights, seasons, and decades, that shot was so effective it enabled him to surpass everyone in points scored. Because this league freely appropriates ideas, this shot became a top contender for copycatting based on the quantity of data that supported it.


The sky hook, however, can only be located in a resting place that just so happens to be up in the sky, as in hoops paradise, and it is improbable that it will ever again be seen rolling from the fingertips of top scorers.


Dominique Wilkins, one of the numerous people hurt by the sky hook, said, “Well, you can go ahead and say it. “The bullet is gone.”


Of course, that shot was created by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who, at the age of 75, finds it amusing and puzzling that it no longer exists. You might also discover some annoyance if the individual, who was renowned for being secretive, opened up a window into his soul. Regardless of how much someone tries to conceal it, pride has a way of coming to the surface. If no one bothers to copy his art, how can he ever feel real flattery?


He remarked, “I used that to become the leading scorer in NBA history. There must be a component to it that functions.


Yeah, it was successful enough to earn Abdul-Jabbar six MVP awards, six titles, and a spot on the short list of all-time greats. It was then, though. Since he left the game in 1989, it has altered several times. Yet like many things from bygone eras, that shot isn’t hip, current, stylish, won’t sell sneakers, and won’t gain a following on social media—all qualities that a new age values and cherishes.


Sky hook’s success helps Abdul-Jabbar soar


In several ways, LeBron James has played in the league for twenty years and more. Unless he skyhooks the record-breaking try as a tribute, he will pass Kareem for first place on the all-time scoring list this season without imitating the iconic shot.


In any case, it is true to argue that LeBron does not meet the description of a hook shooter. He is not a seven-footer who is positioned close to the paint. Despite being the prototypes, it’s more common to find them hidden outside the 3-point stripe these days.


Abdul-Jabbar was asked how he would feel if he played today and instructed to mix in some threes instead of a few sky hooks (Kareem made one for his career in the 1986–87 season).


He made an effort to be cordial.


“I would try it if my coach thought it would benefit the team. Nevertheless, because I was so efficient in the post, telling Steph Curry to make layups exclusively instead of 3-pointers would be absurd.


Although Joel Embiid is the best low-post center in the game, he only uses the hook occasionally and usually as a last resort. Embiid never witnessed a hook because he spent his childhood studying Hakeem Olajuwon’s VHS movies in Cameroon.


EVERYONE IS SO ADDICTED TO THE 3-POINT SHOT, WHICH IS THE REASON WHY YOUNG KIDS DON’T LEARN THE SKY HOOK. They do not want to work with their backs to the basket, nor do they want two points.




Even though Karl-Anthony Towns considers himself the best shooter ever, his collection of shots seems to be missing a specific shot. When questioned, the Minnesota Timberwolves center responded: “Nobody ever taught me the sky hook.”


He is typical of the big-scoring man of today, who prefers to play with his back to the basket. The 1970s rump-to-rim center is a dinosaur. Ralph Sampson is to blame for that. When the skinny 7-foot-4 big went rogue in the early 1980s and started dribbling outside the paint and pulling up for mid-range shots, he was swiftly imitated. Look at the players that came after them: Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, etc.; they were all franchise players, leaders, and Hall of Famers.


Except for a few lesser players and Dwight Howard, who once employed a baby hook, tall men avoided the shot like they would a sixth foul.


“Everyone is so obsessed with the 3-point shot, which is why young children don’t learn the sky hook, according to Abdul-Jabbar. They don’t want to work with their backs to the basket; they don’t want two points, etc. They want to shoot three-pointers from a great height. They don’t seem to comprehend that your chances of making a successful shot increase as you approach the basket. That was the first lesson I picked up, so I practiced my hook shot and figured out how to position myself close to the basket so I could make a hook shot.”


Kareem did the Mikan Drill, a continuous action of left- and right-handed layups when he was in elementary school. Kareem was a foot taller than his classmates. A hook shot resulted from there, which wasn’t exceptional because many post-players in the 1960s used the hook. As he increased in height, it evolved into the sky hook because Kareem was able to toss the ball among the clouds, well above the rim line.


The dunk was forbidden in college basketball two years after he arrived at UCLA. The new rule reduced his scoring options by one, which improved the sky hook. The shot served as his passport to food once he made it to the NBA. That was practically impossible to stop.


Only a small number of players, especially Wilt Chamberlain, possessed the range to attempt to block it at its release point. Abdul-Jabbar added variety by shooting with his left and right hands, deceiving opponents with a bit of hip and shoulder fake, and using his non-dominant arm to get space.


“I’d put my body in the way of that person and the ball, and that person wasn’t going to prevent the shot,” he claimed. The shot is gone before they can catch up to it, but they must gauge the distance and time.


Since there were no predators at the time, Abdul-Jabbar used the sky hook carelessly to obtain buckets with a high percentage. In four of his first six seasons, he averaged at least 30 points per game during the heyday of big men (meaning he had a stiff challenge almost every night).


“That was absolutely an unbelievable shot,” said Hall of Famer Rick Barry, whose underhand free throw also avoided duplicate. And despite the lack of backboard assistance, he was great from the baseline. His entire body length, including his arm, was covered by that photograph. It was so wonderful; it was crazy.


Although Bob Lanier, Willis Reed, and other players had retired by the middle of the 1980s, Abdul-Jabbar was the last to rely on the hook as his go-to move. Sampson and Ewing’s face-the-basket revolution was in full swing at the time.


Yet the sky hook has its amazing moments. In the 6th Game of the 1974 NBA Finals, Abdul-Jabbar defeated Boston at the buzzer in double overtime. In Magic Johnson’s debut NBA game, he missed another buzzer shot. Magic famously jumped into the arms of an alarmed Abdul-Jabbar, who gently reminded the rookie that there were still 81 games to go. Chamberlain was knocked off the top spot on the all-time scoring list in 1984 by another hook (over 7-foot-4 Utah Jazz center Mark Eaton).


It’s safe to argue that most of his 38,387 career points came from the sky hook, an incredible degree of dependence comparable to Nolan Ryan’s fastball’s significant contribution to baseball’s all-time strikeout record.


The attempt satisfied Abdul-Jabbar. For other people? Not really.


Barry stated, “But for this, think of all the things the NBA copied because it had some success.”


“It is simple to learn how to shoot.”


The man who currently owns the record for most points scored knows he will only hold it for a short time, but he’s not exactly counting the minutes. Abdul-Jabbar feels content. He spends some of his time reading the news, using his knowledge to write social and political commentary for different media, and taking care of his health. And speaking of that, he just overcame heart bypass surgery, leukemia, and prostate cancer.

Abdul-Jabbar responded to a question regarding mortality and the frailty of life by saying, “When we first have to cope with the inadequacies of our body, we see it as a betrayal. My body, which has given me so much joy and achievement throughout my life, has turned rogue. But, because you are compelled to pay attention to your inner self, your physical shortcomings might lead to a new achievement.


The sky hook was one type of knowledge that wasn’t handed on. After retiring, he was open to coaching opportunities, but none ever materialized because executives perceived him as aloof and believed he would need help to connect with the players.


The irony is that every coach I have played under would tell you that I was coachable, which means I tried my best to put their methods into practice after listening to them. I’ve always been the best team player there is. But, certain press members at the time were offended by my work on civil rights and made an effort to paint me as the archetypal Angry Black Man.


“At that time, owners didn’t want to take a chance on being associated with social or political concerns. They only wanted to boost their revenue; they had no interest in changing the world. I’m content to write, hang out with pals, and practice couch coaching in front of the TV.


Midway through the 2000s, the Lakers did employ him as a special assistant to train young center Andrew Bynum and, perhaps, teach him the hook. In their four years of friendship, Kareem found Bynum courteous and respectful but ultimately unmotivated. He claimed that rather than basketball tactics, Bynum was more concerned about dissecting automobile engines. Kareem continued to carry the sky hook. Since then, this is the first time anyone has requested a loan.


It’s not difficult to learn how to shoot, he remarked. “It provides you with all the basics. It teaches you how to move with your feet, hands, and backboard. Players who can play with their back to the basket are valuable and shouldn’t be thrown out. That player is capable of winning matches.


According to a redesigned game that now relies on 3-pointers and solo plays, that player is blocking the lane. The sky hook puts another foot in the coffin every time 7-foot-4 French youth Victor Wembanyama, who is tipped to be the next great big man, dribbles between his knees and drains a fadeaway 3-pointer to the acclaim of the entire league.


The last points of Kareem Abdul-career, Jabbar’s, which established the record, occurred on a dunk in a prophesied moment.



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Why Kobe Bryant not been named greatest player of all time

Reason why Kobe Bryant has not been named the greatest basketball player of all time


The young version of Kobe (2000-2002) was the best because he was a bit of a team player, a more reliable passer, a more dependable defender, and sometimes deferred to Shaq. This Kobe, especially the one from 2001, was his greatest self. He was the best of both worlds, offensively and defensively. At 22, he has already won three championships as the second-best player in his squad. If he had remained to be that version, he would have won over Five rings in his career.

What took place after that? He had a problem with his ego. In 2003–2004, he made the decision that he preferred to be the man to Shaq. He bemoaned Shaq’s alleged lack of effort. He was resentful that Shaq was considered the major guy and wanted to dominate the attention for himself. After he had done it, the team’s revenue decreased. 2003 playoff loss, 2004 championship loss (primarily due to Kobe trying to play hero ball).


Kobe decided to expel Shaq and Phil Jackson from Los Angeles because he wanted to take the lead.


The following three years, from 2005 to 2007, were the lowest point of his career since he was forced to play with inferior players after chasing the best player out of town. Phil Jackson returned in 2006 but needed help changing Kobe’s playing style. Kobe would frequently try to go 1v1 iso against a defender, break him down, and score showy. His style of play is characterized by an unrestrained “I don’t give Fuck how many guys are in my way” attitude. The commentators strongly dislike Kobe’s style of play since it not only slows down the game and leaves everyone standing about watching Kobe, but it is also an inefficient way to play basketball.


The Lakers’ response was to encircle him with a group of skilled rebounders. Lamar Odom was a premier Swiss army knife who was great at scoring, rebounding, and passing, but his consistency was a weakness. But, in 2008, they cheated the Grizzlies by delivering them Kwame Brown in exchange for Pau Gasol. Of course, Gasol was the crucial component. A Hall of Fame caliber player who can score, grab rebounds, and soar high is present here. The only difference is that they ALSO had Odom in addition to Gasol! Gasol was a bigger, more coherent version of Odom. Odom’s issue with consistency is resolved by benching him.


The successful formula for Kobe is completed by including other big men like Trevor Ariza/Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, a non-dominant PG, and the Phil Jackson triangle offense, which forces Kobe to pass the ball and helps with defense and ball-bounce.


Kobe had to work hard to earn his final two rings. Specifically, a squad with three to four strong rebounders surrounding Phil Jackson. Add to those opponents from the 2009 Magic and the 2010 Celtics following KG’s injury, two relatively poor Finals opponents. Because of this, when people remark, “But look at her rings! It would help if you comprehended the context. He was an excellent team player for his first three championships (having Shaq apex also helps). Still, for his final two titles, he required everything to go according to plan with the ideal teammates all around him.


The league’s competition grew more intense after 2010. That’s it, indeed—all of those Kobe supporters constantly claiming that he defeated all 50+ championship teams. But none of those teams were title challengers. The only team that might have been comparable to the Kobe Lakers was the Nash/Stoudemire Suns, but the other 50 champions were essentially teams who weren’t endgame contenders. Yet, after 2010, we had the Big 3, OKC, the Lakers-sweeping Mavs, and teams from the Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, and Clippers that were all significantly better than any of the 50 winning teams Kobe defeated from 2008 to 2010.


In the 2010 Finals, who defeated the Kobe Lakers as well? The Celtics of 2010. that they only just defeated seven games. In 2011, LeBron’s Heat defeated this identical club in 5 games. So clearly, the Kobe Lakers couldn’t have beaten Lebron’s “super team.” Hence, it is evident that even with this particular squad constructed around him, it is not sustainable as a dynasty in the same manner that the Spurs or Warriors could do with Duncan and Curry at their center of success.


I need a more adaptable guy capable of winning with different systems and a range of other players around him for him to be regarded as the unquestioned best basketball player of all time. Because of Kobe’s rigid and contradictory playing style, assembling a successful squad around him is considerably more challenging.


Despite what many Kobe fanatics believe, he couldn’t have won with CP3. They would have dealt Gasol and Odom for him, which would have cost Kobe his best two rebounds for a player who stands 6 feet tall, and he has never been shown to succeed with perimeter players. Don’t reveal anything about Devin Booker either because he is a better shooter than Kobe, and teams were injured that season, allowing the Suns a chance to get to the Finals. Will Kobe and CP3 defeat Lebron’s OKC Big 3 and Heaters? Go now. Their size, which was their primary asset, needed to be recovered.


According to my analysis, he’s unproductive, needs more trophies to be called his team’s best player, only has one MVP award, and has never been regarded as the league’s top defender. And then there’s that.



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The Lakers retired No. 16 jersey made Pau Gasol emotional

The Lakers retired No. 16 jersey; made Pau Gasol emotional


Little over 15 years ago, Pau Gasol, a 7-footer from Spain, joined the Los Angeles Lakers. He quickly put aside his ego, increased his work ethic, and transformed this squad into a contender that eventually won a championship.


Gasol and Kobe Bryant accomplished everything together, and now their numbers are displayed side by side in the Lakers’ arena.



The Lakers retired Gasol’s No. 16 jersey on Tuesday night to pay tribute to the classy center who played with Bryant in Los Angeles for the best seasons of his 18-year NBA career. With Gasol’s arrival in February 2008, the Lakers made it to three consecutive NBA Finals, earning titles in 2009 and 2010.


Gasol, who had a championship ring on each hand, said before the game, “I think I’ve done as good a job as I could to really embrace it and cherish it, but tonight really exceeds any desire or anticipation that I’ve had. It means a lot, and with Kobe up there, it certainly adds something significant, powerful, sad, glad, terrible, and wonderful. It’s several different things.


The unveiling of Gasol’s banner took place at a halftime ceremony that started with the introduction of a film in which an ecstatic Kobe expressed his excitement for the day when Gasol delivered a speech at center court during his jersey retirement. Upon seeing the footage and standing in that location, Gasol broke down in tears and wiped them away before addressing the crowd.


Gasol added, “I’m just overwhelmed to see the faces here, all of you. “It is an honor for me to play for this club, to wear this shirt, and to support this group. … I would have never imagined such a day could occur in a million years. You are just advised never to say never. Be the better version of yourself every day by pushing yourself.


When Gasol chose to play as a supporting player to a fellow superstar, Bryant, Gasol’s flexible style wonderfully complemented Bryant’s scoring abilities. The two also forged a close off-court connection that lasted until Bryant’s passing in 2020.


Gasol praised Vanessa Bryant during his remarks and said, “Love you, sister. I’m honored to be your brother and your daughters’ uncle.


Gasol is a first-time candidate for the honor this year, with a good chance of cutting. This 17-time NBA champion team usually only retires the no. of players in the Hall of Fame. Gasol made 3 out of his six career All-Star teams throughout his time with Los Angeles, scoring 17.7 points and 9.9 rebounds per game.


Gasol admitted that it had been challenging to fully process the enthusiasm, expectation, and honor bestowed. It’s a celebration, but I must constantly remind myself of that. The best. It’s gorgeous. It’s terrific that you can have this experience in your life.


In light of his still-vivid memories of his time spent on the West Coast and the magnitude of the Lakers’ gesture, 42-year-old Gasol claimed that he had difficulty falling asleep over the previous few nights. The event was scheduled for the Lakers’ game against the Memphis Grizzlies at halftime.


For a good reason, Gasol decided to retire his Lakers jersey on Tuesday night. He spent his first 7 NBA seasons with Grizzlies, his first squad after moving to the United States in 2001.


When Memphis traded Marc Gasol to the Lakers in February 2008, the transaction completely changed both franchises. While Gasol and Bryant quickly established themselves as a dominant duo, Memphis also received Marc Gasol’s younger brother, who spent 11 successful seasons with the Grizzlies.


Gasol and his wife were joined on the court by their parents, brothers Marc and Adrià, Vanessa Bryant, and Lakers owner Jeanie Buss.


Gasol, who is only the second Spanish player to play in NBA history and the first to win a championship, thinks his lengthy, fruitful career helped dispel the myth of the “soft” European player. According to Gasol, the top three players in the league right now are Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic, and Luka Doncic, all of whom are from Europe.


Gasol added, “I’m proud to see that. “It motivates athletes worldwide, not just young people in Europe. If you genuinely want something, give it a go. The game’s international expansion has been fantastic.


The Lakers have retired number 13 in honor of 12 players, and Gasol wears it. The Nos. 8 from Bryant’s early career and 24 from his later career are both retired.



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Why Kobe Bryant Will Never Be Called the GOAT

Why Kobe Bryant Will Never Be Called the GOAT


Five NBA championships, two scoring crowns, a league MVP award, and many flashy plays and shots are all part of Kobe Bryant’s illustrious career. Indeed, it has been a good voyage for now, a 33-year-old veteran.

Bryant arrives in Los Angeles with one of the two best franchises ever and a city used to generate championship teams. As luck would have it, Kobe was a rookie when Shaquille O’Neal was in the midst of his dominant season in Los Angeles. Shaq has already made it to the Finals but lost. He yearned for a ring.


After four years of collaboration, Shaq, Kobe, and the company won the world championship.


Bryant was at the pinnacle of basketball. In charge from 2000 to 2002 were the Lakers. Without Shaq, the Lakers returned in 2009 and 2010. Kobe’s TRULY BIG TIME in the spotlight came during this time. Thrilled Lakers supporters hailed KB as a potential GOAT worldwide (Greatest of All Time). Then 2011 occurred, and the conversation slowed to virtually a stop.


In their moment of ecstasy, Lakers supporters turned their backs on their team, dismissing Kareem, Magic, West, and other legends in favor of their new pick for the team’s all-time best player.


The discussions are now getting more grounded in reality as more people understand that a player must be nearly faultless throughout their career to be considered the best player ever.


Because the NBA has produced some outstanding players, the criteria for determining who is the greatest single player ever must be stringent. Here are the top 20 reasons why Bryant will never qualify as the GOAT, regardless of how many championships the Lakers purchase, um, or win in the future.


  • Field Goal Shooting


The greatest player of all time would at least occasionally make 50% of the shots he took, but Bryant has never had a field goal percentage higher than 46.9% in his 15 seasons of playing. Never once! And he won’t begin now. His career average is 45.4%, and he shot 45.1% last season. Sorry, but you cannot be considered the greatest player if you miss 55% of your career shots. Respect the professional game of basketball, folks.


  • Three Poin t Selection


The best player in history would rarely attempt three-pointers since they should only be attempted under pressure and as a bonus tool. The game aims to gain score points, yet three-point shooting legends only shoot 40% from beyond the arc, which won’t help you win games.


In his 15 seasons, Kobe shot 4185 threes. The issue is that it is too much to handle when you only make 33.9% of them. Kobe made 1418 three-pointers, making his career total of 2767 three-pointers missed.


The candidate for the title of GOAT would have abandoned so many of those threes in favor of a safer bet.


  • Assists


The GOAT would understand that this is a five-man game and that utilizing the other team members is essential for success because they are the finest of all time. Guard Kobe Bryant averaged 4.7 assists per game throughout his career.


That the greatest person to ever live would also create possibilities for everyone else makes reasonable. Bryant falls short in this area because he missed many superior passing opportunities while shooting 45% and handling the ball so frequently.


  • Turnovers


The GOAT should have excellent ball-handling abilities to the point where he does not frequently lose possession of the ball due to poor passes, stolen balls, or being blocked.


Bryant has sadly committed numerous turnovers over his career. Bryant appeared to have significant turnover problems during his early career and after Shaq left. Bryant has lost the ball 3228 times in his career, albeit as he grew older, he did so less frequently.


  • Actual Defensive Output


A player with the title of “GOAT” would likely need to excel the most in defense. The best player of all time would undoubtedly excel at both offense and defense. Bryant was a capable defender for the whole of his career.


He averaged 1.5 thefts and 0.5 blocks a game throughout the course of his career. Excellent, although several other players were significantly better on defense.


The GOAT would do even better in the playoffs, but Kobe averaged 1.4 steals per game throughout his career. Has Bryant ever been able to TAKE OVER a playoff game DEFENSIVELY? The answer is simple if we ask the same question of numerous other defensive greats.


  • Finals 2004 vs. Detroit

Let’s look at how the Lakers of 2004 permitted themselves to lose the NBA finals against a starless Detroit team rather than focusing on the numbers and metrics. The simple response is that none of the four major celebrities could be the GOAT. The GOAT could never, would never, and shouldn’t ever lose in the Finals in such a manner. The person who would have stepped up in that series and taken over would have a compelling argument for being the greatest, but it never happened, and history was made.


  • Average Career Score


Bryant has averaged 25.3 points per game on 45% shooting in his short career. From here, it will unavoidably fall. That career shooter is inferior to The GOAT. Bryant is currently No. 10 all-time in terms of points scored per game, trailing only Wade, Robertson, Pettit, Iverson, West, Baylor, James, Chamberlain, and Jordan after 15 seasons.


  • Shaquille O’Neal

It’s not like Shaq took three MVP awards from other people. The big guy deserved them, but THE BEST EVER could never be surpassed by anyone in the Finals by definition. Every time, they would have to win MVP. It cannot be argued that this is what GREATEST means. If you are the best, no one can surpass you.


  • No College Experience


College is not a requirement for GOAT status, although it certainly assists. Why? A player who enters the league at 18 and bypasses college has little possibility of matching the level of performance of the greatest players ever. By doing this, Bryant took his fourth season to reach 20 points a game.


The best player of all time would not, in fact, average 7.6 points, 15 points, or 19 points each season. If players did, they would not be considered the greatest ever because they had to improve as professionals. The GOAT would be a monster from start to finish. Kobe started poorly before improving.


  • Games started


Bryant started seven of the 150 games he appeared in over his first two seasons combined. The greatest player in history would, by definition, start every game since they are the best. Why would history’s best player participate in a contest for only 15 minutes?


The athlete might have been 18, but would that give them a pass for a shaky start? Nope. Kobe was in good shape, but the GOAT wouldn’t have to fake anything and would never have to sit on the bench unless seriously injured. There is no justification.


  • Finals vs. Boston in 2008

The Lakers advanced to the Finals without Shaq for the first time, suffering a crushing defeat by a margin of 39 points. Yet, this team did lose by 39 points on the grandest stage, and Bryant was present to see it happen. If this team had the greatest player ever played on it, he would not have allowed his team to lose in the finals like that. GOAT?


  • Magic Johnson

In one of the two greatest franchises ever, Magic is the embodiment of the Laker’s legacy, and he wisely enlisted the help of everyone. When the leader relied on passes to win it all and succeeded, it took a whole team effort.


  • MVP Awards


A man might be named NBA MVP if he has a great season and his team wins at least 50 games. The BEST EVER would win a lot more in both categories, and many players did, but if they dominate in the NBA Finals and win a title, they might be Finals MVPs. Bryant did win one NBA MVP in 15 seasons, and in five championship wins, he is a two-time Finals MVP.


  • Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem

Is it necessary to explain why six-time champion Kareem stands in the way of KB being the GOAT?


  • Attitude


Every prospective GOAT has an attitude. He might have consumed too much, too soon, and without cause. Kobe does not exhibit humility and never has. Have you ever witnessed someone whine so loudly in court? I now present Rasheed Wallace.


  • Larry Bird

Although Larry Bird didn’t run or jump high, he had a unique method of playing the game that made him the greatest of all time. The team effort came quickly to the person with exceptional shooting talent. We discuss the Lakers franchise as one of the top two franchises in history. The best of the others was Bird.


  • Future


Will Bryant get better or keep getting worse? Let me put it like this. We all become older, which is terrible in basketball. LA must enlist new all-stars’ assistance if they win any other championships. Is that fair to you? 


  • Wilt the Stilt


He holds the second-highest scoring average of all time after scoring 100 points in a single game and averaging 50 in a season. The Big Dipper was the epitome of dominance and a defensive stopper. He wasn’t as dominant when he played for LA, but he was the center they needed to win the championship, much like Shaq, Gasol, Bill Cartwright, and Luc Longley. Oh no, Cartwright and Longley were terrible.


  • Finals against Dallas in 2011

Did you see the 2011 NBA Playoffs Dallas/LA series? Have you seen the GOAT? Sweep? Yes.


  • Michael Jordan

Greatest of all time.



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How Nike lost Stephen Curry

Nike Ended up losing Stephen Curry and Billionaires


We all associate Steph Curry with Under Armor, yet Curry actually had a shoe deal with Nike and played for their squad. How could one of the top names in the sport lose to a well-known company like Nike? The explanation is strange.


We all associate Steph Curry with Under Armor, yet Curry actually had a shoe deal with Nike and played for their squad. How could one of the top names in the sport lose to a well-known company like Nike? The explanation is bizarre.

Curry’s career in the NBA got off to a rocky start because of his ongoing ankle problems. But he began to make a big splash in the last year of the Nike contract. The world became aware of him as he made 54 threes at MSG and broke the NBA record for 3s made in a season. It was the start of the glorious legacy Curry will uphold for the rest of time. Nike decided to keep him and extend his contract.


He heard bids from various businesses, but Nike had one of the opening salvos. They would arrange a meeting with Steph and his father, Dell, to make their offer. The environment could have been better because Steph believed that Nike didn’t meet some of his requests, so they didn’t see him as a top-tier athlete like LeBron or KD.


They made him a 2.5 million dollar offer, which needed to be improved for a player of his stature. Then, during their PowerPoint, they would make another error that would clarify they were using Curry’s presentation that had already been used for Durant. Then to top it all off and destroy the whole scene, the Nike pitchman called Curry by the incorrect name, Stephon instead of Curry. The turning moment came when Steph and his father rejected the deal because they were no longer interested.


Due to the chance, Curry would sign a $4 million contract with Under Armor. The money wasn’t the key to getting him signed. That was the impression of respect and hierarchy. He had the opportunity to decorate his shoes with Bible scriptures and received a portion of the company. Thus, all of his desires were granted. An accomplishment that no other athlete with a big brand in sports history completed.


But it would be worthwhile since Curry would increase Under Armor’s valuation from $14 billion to $28 billion in only two short years. To ensure they would avoid making the same error as Nike, Under Armor signed Curry to a significant new contract that is reportedly worth around $1 billion through 2024. Curry cited his move to UA as one of the best decisions in his career since it allowed him to establish himself as the face of that company firmly. Nike perhaps learned from their error and will remember the names of their athletes in future pitches.


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LeBron James career stats, records, accomplishments, awards and medals

LeBron James is now the National Basketball Association (NBA) ‘s leading scorer



The 38-year-old broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s previous record of 38,387 points in the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder last Tuesday, Feb. 7.

It’s the latest, arguably most incredible, honor in “King James”‘s illustrious career, a fitting moniker for a player who continues to have a powerful impact on the game of basketball.

Olympics.com looks back at the titles, medals, records, and stats of one of basketball’s most legendary players.


High School Statistics and Records

The fact that James was selected as the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft 2003 out of high school, everything you must know about how great his career at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School is.

The small college-preparatory Catholic high school in Akron, Ohio, owes its fame to the exploits of its most famous alums.

James made his high school debut at 14 in 1999, and his performances quickly attracted national attention; several of James’ fights were televised nationally during his senior year.

A phenomenal athlete, James racked up numerous honors en route to leading St. Vincent-St. Louis. Mary won three state championships in four years when the Irish Fighters lost just six games (James’ high school record was 101-6)!


High school awards

  • National Basketball Championship: 2003

  • 3 x State Championships: 2000, 2001, 2003

  • 2 x Gatorade National Player of the Year: 2002, 2003

  • 2× USA Basketball: 2002, 2003

  • 2× USA TODAY HS Player of the Year: 2002, 2003

  • 3× Ohio Mr. Basketball: 2001, 2002, 2003

  • 3 x “USA TODAY” First Team All-American: 2001, 2002, 2003

  • 2 x PARADE High School Player of the Year: 2002, 2003

  • 2 x First Team Parade All-American: 2002, 2003

  • Second Team Parade All-American: 2001

  • Gatorade Male Athlete of the Year: 2003

  • Naismith Reserves Player of the Year: 2003

  • McDonald’s Player of the Year: 2003

  • McDonald’s High School All-American: 2003

  • McDonald’s Slam Dunk (Powerade Jam Fest): 2003

  • McDonald’s All-American Game MVP: 2003

  • E.A. Sports Roundball Classic MVP: 2003

  • Jordan Capital Classic MVP: 2003

  • Morgan Wooten National Player of the Year: 2003



NBA stats, awards, and records

James talks up as a future NBA star in high school, and his decision to forego college & declare for the NBA draft made the 2003 draft lottery one of the most anticipated in years.

As fate would have it, James’ hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, ended up hitting the lottery and officially selected the Ohio native as the No. 1 pick. What a selection it was.

In his first career game, the 18-year-old prodigy had 25 points, six rebounds, and nine assists in a loss to the Sacramento Kings, but that’s only a tiny part of what’s to come. At the end of the 2003-04 season, James became the first Cavaliers player to win the NBA Rookie of the Year Award & was named to the All-Rookie First Team.



2003-2010 Cleveland Cavaliers Awards

  • NBA Rookie of the Year (2004)

  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (2004)

  • 6-time NBA All-Star (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

  • 2-time NBA All-Star Game MVP (2006, 2008)

  • 2-time NBA Most Valuable Player (2009, 2010)

  • 4-time All-NBA First Team selection (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010)

  • 2-time All-NBA Second Team selection (2005, 2007)

  • 2-time NBA All-Defensive First Team (2009, 2010)

  • NBA scoring champion (2008)

Although James has reached his potential in the first stage of his NBA career, the championship is still in sight. In 2010, the then-26-year-old unrestricted free agent signed with the Miami Heat, joining Florida State Olympians Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

In his first season with the Miami, James reached the NBA Finals, though Miami lost to Dirk Nowitzki & the Dallas Mavericks in six games.

James was defamed for his plays in the Finals (he averaged just three points per game in the fourth quarter of the series), but he had a big 2011-12 season. The 2.06-meter (6-foot-9) forward averaged 27.1 points on 53 percent shooting, 7.9 rebounds, 6.2 assists, and 1.9 steals to win his third regular-season MVP and help The Miami return to the Finals, where they defeated the OKC Thunder. James averaged 28.6 points, 10.2 rebounds, & 7.4 assists per game and was voted unanimously for the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, winning his first career NBA title.



2010-2014 Miami Heat Awards

  • 2 NBA championships (2012, 2013)

  • 2-time NBA Finals MVP (2012, 2013)

  • 2-time NBA MVP (2012, 2013)

  • 4-time NBA All-Star (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

  • 4-time All-NBA First Team selection (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

  • 3-time NBA All-Defensive First Team (2011, 2012, 2013)

  • NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2014)

  • Associated Press (A.P.) Athlete of the Year (2013)

  • Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year (2012)

  • USA Basketball Male Player of the Year (2012)

In June 2014, James opted out of his contract with the Heat instead of returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his first season with Cleveland, James helped the Cavaliers return to the Finals, making him the 1st player since the 1960s to reach five consecutive NBA Finals.

Despite averaging 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds, & 8.8 assists in the Finals, James couldn’t stop Golden State from winning the title in six games. However, the following season, James and his partners will return to the Finals for a rematch with the Warriors. After trailing 3-1 in the series, Cleveland won the next two matches thanks to a superhuman effort by James (who scored 41 straight in Games 5 and 6) to force a Decisive Game 7 in Oakland, California. Undeterred by the raucous road crowd, James helped the Cavaliers simultaneously win Cleveland’s first professional sports title in 52 years, becoming the first team in the history of the NBA to record a triple-double and the third in the NBA. The player with the triple-double in Game 7 of the Finals came back from a 3-1 series deficit in the Finals.


2014-2018 Cleveland Cavaliers Awards

  • NBA Championship (2016)

  • NBA Finals MVP (2016)

  • 4-time NBA All-Star (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

  • 4-time All-NBA First Team selection (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

  • NBA All-Star Game MVP (2018)

  • A.P. Athlete of the Year (2018)

  • Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year (2016)

After becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2018, James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. A groin injury in his first season with the Lakers caused him to miss 17 straight games, and the Lakers fell out of the playoffs (the first time James has missed the playoffs since 2005).

The following season, the Lakers became a force in the Western Conference with the help of James and Anthony Davis, whom the team acquired from the New Orleans Pelicans in the offseason. Los Angeles entered the playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference and advanced to the Finals convincingly, losing only three games in total through the first three rounds. In the Finals, the Lakers beat the Heat in six games, allowing James to average 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 8.5 assists in the series for his fourth NBA title and fourth Finals MVP. James also became the second oldest player in league history to win the award (35 days and 287 days) and the third player in the history of the NBA to win at least one championship with three different teams.



Los Angeles Lakers Awards 2018-present

  • NBA Championship (2020)

  • NBA Finals MVP (2020)

  • 5-time NBA All-Star (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

  • All-NBA First Team (2020)

  • All-NBA Second Team (2021)

  • 2-time All-NBA Third Team (2019, 2022)

  • NBA assists leader (2020)

  • NBA 75th Anniversary Team

  • A.P. Athlete of the Year (2020)

  • Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year (2020)

  • Sportsman of the Year (2020)

  • All-time NBA scoring leader (2023)



LeBron James Team USA Stats, Awards, and Records

Immediately after his rookie season in the NBA, James represented the United States at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He played limited minutes (14.6 minutes per game), averaged 5.8 points and 2.6 rebounds in eight games, and Team USA won the bronze medal – becoming the first U.S. team not to win the gold medal since adding an active NBA player to their roster.

James returned to the U.S. team at the 2006 FIBA World Championships in Japan, where the U.S. team won another bronze medal. At the 2007 FIBA Americas Championship, an Olympic qualifier for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, James averaged 18.1 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 4.7 assists as the U.S. went 10-0 to win gold and qualify for the Olympics qualifications.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Team USA’s “Redemption Team” went undefeated to win its first gold medal since Sydney 2000.

In the 2012 London Olympics, James represented the United States in a significant event for the last time. He scored 1 point, 14 rebounds, and 12 assists against Australia, creating the first triple-double in the history of U.S. Olympic basketball. The United States would once again be crowned Olympic champion, with James joining Michael Jordan as the only player to win the NBA MVP Award, NBA Championship, NBA Finals MVP, and Olympic gold in the same year.



Award with Team America

  • 2004 Athens Olympic Bronze Medalist

  • 2006 FIBA World Championship bronze medalist

  • 2007 FIBA Americas Championship Gold Medalist

  • 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist

  • 2012 London Olympic Gold Medalist



LeBron James’ Notable Career Achievements

It is by no means the definitive list of all of James’ extensive accomplishments.

  • Top scorer in NBA history

  • Most consecutive games in double figures (1096 games)

  • Most All-NBA first-team selections (13)

  • Most scoring games in NBA history (1,171)

  • He is the only NBA player with at least 30,000 pts, 10,000 rebounds & 10,000 assists.

  • The only player in NBA history with top 5 scorings, top 10 assists, and top 10 steals

  • One of 2 players in the history of the NBA to win at least four NBA MVP Awards & four NBA Finals MVP Awards (Michael Jordan is the other).

  • Most points scored in playoff history (7,631)

  • Most playoff wins in history (174)

  • Most playoff games in history (266)

  • Youngest player to reach the points-per-round milestone (pass 37,000)




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Warriors beat Wizards 135-126 snap two-game losing streak

Warriors beat Wizards 135-126 snap two-game losing streak


Andrew Wiggins needed a dominating performance like this after illness and injuries twice derailed his season and disrupted his flow.


JaMychal Green did as well, as he had to battle with COVID-19 at first and then an infection in his lower right leg. He’s currently struggling with a sore wrist.


In their final home game ahead of the All-Star break, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Washington Wizards 135-126 on Monday night, led by the performance of Andrew Wiggins (29 points, seven rebounds), Klay Thompson (27 points), and Draymond Green.



“Definitely his finest game since he’s been back,” coach Steve Kerr said of Wiggins. “He had a lot of strong games early in the season, but I admire his aggressiveness. He was driving the rim all night, got it rolling from the mid-range, and just scored a lot of critical buckets when we were starting to fade.”


Green hit all five field goals and went 4 of 4 from long range for a total of 14 points, five assists, and one turnover. Back-up point guard Ty Jerome had nine points, seven assists, and one turnover.


Jerome applauded Green’s perseverance and positive attitude, especially on the days when he wasn’t able to play.


“No matter how long you’ve been in the league or how old you are,” Jerome remarked, “It’s not simple.” “He offers a toughness aspect for us every time, so to be perfect from the field tonight and good on defense. Seeing them fall in that way is encouraging because that fits who he is as a shooter. Tonight, Wiggs appeared to be an All-Star. He is the way he is.”


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Golden State Warriors Officially complete Gary Payton trade

Golden State Warriors Gary Payton II Part of the Team Once Again


Gary Payton II is back on the roster of the Golden State Warriors. Despite the 30-year-failed old’s physical, the team ultimately decided to move forward, and it has taken more than 72 hours since the trade deadline for that to become official.


According to a recent report, “the Warriors are smoothing the way for the conclusion of the four-team transaction,” which also involves the Portland Trail Blazers, Detroit Pistons, and Atlanta Hawks.


Payton joins the Warriors in the trade, while James Wiseman, Saddiq Bey, the Hawks, and Kevin Knox move to the Trail Blazers. Only when the transaction is completed will the four players have made their debut for their new squad.



According to the Warriors’ evaluation of Payton, the 2022 NBA champion could miss three months due to an abdominal ailment. 


The Warriors could not change the deal that saw Portland acquire five second-round selections from the Hawks since the trade deadline had already passed on Thursday. Wojnarowski notes that Golden State can pursue further action, so the problem is far from over.


The Blazers allegedly violated NBA rules by failing to submit complete medical information on a player before agreeing to a trade. According to sources, the Warriors spent the weekend debating how to proceed with the move while still protecting the franchise’s rights.


On the Warriors’ bench during their 109-103 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday, Payton was spotted sitting next to Vice President of Basketball Operations Mike Dunleavy. Had the deal been finalized in time, Wiseman would play his first game for the Pistons on Sunday against the Toronto Raptors.


The more relevant question is when we’ll see Payton back on the court wearing a Warrior uniform, even if the focus will continue to be on the outcome of the NBA’s investigation into the situation. Despite the three-month prediction, there is hope that he can play again before the regular season is over.


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Blockbuster trade involves three former Warriors three-team deal

Lakers trade former Warrior Juan Toscano-Anderson and Damian Jones for D’Angelo Russell


The NBA trade deadline has yet to see much action from the Golden State Warriors, but their former players are right in the middle.


Even though this trade includes Hall of Famers, All-Stars, and challenging young power players who would have been a fantastic match for the Warriors, let’s focus on the crucial issues: What does Juan Toscano-future Anderson’s hold?



Toscano-Anderson, a Klutch Sports client, signed with the Lakers in the off-season and occasionally played quite a bit. However, when Anthony Davis made his injury recovery, JTA was removed from the lineup, and the Lakers acquired Rui Hachimura in a trade. Despite his difficulties and lack of Space Jam: A New Legacy experience, he has only played one game less than The Brow.


Damian Jones, a 2016 first-round choice of the Warriors who once started a game and played three minutes and seventeen seconds, is also going to Utah as part of the deal. Even though Coach Darvin Ham insisted he could teach Jones to shoot three-pointers, Jones only saw limited action for the Lakers this season. He only made three shots all season, leading us to believe that when LeBron James spotted him spotting up behind the arc and responded, “Absolutely not,” the plan was scrapped. Or perhaps anyone who tries to make a three-point shot for the Lakers team this season is cursed.


In this agreement, there is another former Warrior. D’Angelo Russell appeared in 33 games in 2019–20 before being exchanged for Jonathan Kuminga and Andrew Wiggins.


Russell rejoins the group that selected him in the second round overall in 2015. After selecting Lonzo Ball in 2017 and after Russell covertly caught Warriors great Nick Young confessing to cheating on Australian musician Iggy Azalea, the Lakers traded him away. Fan-tastic NBA Action!


(Confidential to James Wiseman: Just because a team’s number one choice doesn’t end up paying for them doesn’t make you a horrible person, a bad player, or mean that no one respects how you learned yourself Mandarin.)


Now a real competitor, the Los Angeles Lakers! for the play-in competition, but still a contender. Malik Beasley, who needed a manual to smoke dope, and Jarred Vanderbilt, a fierce rebounder and energy defender, were additions that gave them a severe outside shooting threat. Who cares, though, since they weren’t a part of the Warriors?


The Minnesota Timberwolves have acquired Mike Conley Jr., who in 2016 stunned the Warriors in (one game of) a playoff series despite having a broken face. Rudy Gobert, another player who lost to Golden State in the playoffs, is reunited with him. Then, Russell Westbrook is moving on to the Utah Jazz and is probably getting a buyout. He won’t sign with the Warriors after that with 99.9% certainty.


It’s a clever strategy on the part of the Lakers, and mocking these players will undoubtedly backfire when Jarred Vanderbilt makes a 35-foot field goal to eliminate the Warriors from the No. 9 vs. No. 10 matchup in April.


But up until then, we’ll be concerned about Juan Toscano-NBA Anderson’s prospects. JTA, the Bay will always be home to the Warriors. It may be nearer to Monterey Bay.


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Warriors trading two young players, James Wiseman and Moses Moody

Warriors trading two young players, James Wiseman and Moses Moody


Following the addition of three lottery selections in 2020 and 2021, Joe Lacob and the Golden State Warriors have adopted a “two timelines” strategy: they wanted to compete now while also restocking the team for the future. One of the deadlines now is shortened this week.



In the previous season, the tactic was a complete success. While 2021 lottery picks Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody both helped to the Warriors’ championship, even in the playoffs, 2020 No. 2 pick James Wiseman missed the entire season due to a damaged meniscus and repeated knee operations.



The Warriors, though, increased their focus on the youth movement this year. Lacob and Myers replaced the five veterans that left the team in free agency with two veterans (Donte DiVincenzo and JaMychal Green), two rookies selected at Nos. 28 and No. 44, and an open roster position. Due to their appalling lack of bench depth, the Warriors were forced to rely primarily on Anthony Lamb and Ty Jerome, two-way players.



Ryan Rollins missed the beginning of the season due to a foot injury, and now a Jones fracture has forced him to miss the entire season. Patrick Baldwin Jr. possesses a brilliant outside shot. Still, after only appearing in two games his senior year of high school and 11 games in college, he was always going to be a long-term project (I won’t try to explain it medically, but Kevin Durant missed most of the 2014–15 season when he had one).



Those two are secure, while Kuminga has a solid rotation spot. The veteran core isn’t getting any younger, and Moody and Wiseman play very infrequently, so the two young players have lost their value. This year, Moody’s turnovers have more than doubled, and Steve Kerr no longer trusts him. Even the G League was used to send him.



Is it too early to give up on Moody, a 20-year-old? Maybe, but Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson don’t have many years to develop into elite players. In addition, Moody has a higher trade value due to his more minor contract and the fact that he has more NBA experience than Wiseman.



For Wiseman, a new environment where he can play and escape some of the enormous expectations of fans and the team is what he needs. The Warriors will always remember him as the player they selected before All-Star LaMelo Ball.



It doesn’t hurt that the Warriors, who have reached their salary cap, would prefer to avoid paying him this year’s $9.6 million and, especially, next year’s $12.1 million. Additionally, he is the only non-rotation player who might earn the same amount as a particular veteran level.



They couldn’t possibly give up on Wiseman. The only challenging aspect might be the embarrassment of failing to select the No. 2 player. But many clubs who were picked second in the draft have experienced that! Memphis took Hasheem Thabeet AND Stromile Swift. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Derrick Williams, Jabari Parker, and Darko Milicic, the Human Victory Cigar. Considering Wiseman having a successful career is not out of the question. However, it’s getting harder and harder to picture it occurring in San Francisco.



Overall, the Warriors still have a small chance of making a deadline move since they infrequently do. It is highly noteworthy that at least two of their young players appear vulnerable.


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