Luka Šamanić, born on January 9, 2000, hails from Zagreb, Croatia. He has carved his path as a prominent professional basketball player, showcasing his talents with the Utah Jazz in the NBA. Renowned for his prowess as a power forward, he entered the NBA scene after being picked 19th overall by the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA draft 2019. Šamanić’s journey to the NBA is underscored by his early forays into basketball, his international representation for Croatia, and his stint with FC Barcelona’s reserve team in Spain.

Quick Facts

Full Name

Luka Samanic

Birth Date

January 9, 2000

Birth Place

Zagreb, Croatia

Nick Name

The Croatian Kevin Durant


Not Available 









Father’s Name

Marko Samanic

Mother’s Name

Not Available


A Sister


24 Years Old


6 feet 10 inches/2.08 m/208 cm 


227 lb (103 kg)



Standing reach

8′ 11”

NBA Draft

Year-2019 / Round: 1 / Pick: 19th Overall

Hair Color


Eye Color


Career Highlights and Awards

2017 FIBA Europe Under-18  Championship B MVP 



Marital Status



Not Available


Power Forward


Basketball Player

Net Worth

$3 million 



Currently Plays or

Utah Jazz

Jersey Number

#19 (Utah Jazz)


NBA G League

Active Since

2017- Present

Social Media



Rookie Card

Luka Šamanić Early Life, Family & Nationality

Luka Šamanić was born on January 9, 2000, in Zagreb, Croatia, to his father, Marko Šamanić. Information regarding his mother remains undisclosed. Growing up, Šamanić was deeply influenced by his father, who had a distinguished career as a professional basketball player spanning approximately two decades. Marko Šamanić notably played in the prestigious Euroleague with the Slovenian club Krka, imparting his knowledge and skills to his son from an early age. A left-handed shooter, Marko’s influence played a significant role in shaping Luka’s basketball journey, instilling in him the fundamentals of shooting and the nuances of the game.

A nomadic lifestyle marked Šamanić’s early years; owing to his father’s basketball career, he took the family to various countries, including Belgium, Slovenia, and Germany. At just nine months old, Šamanić relocated to Belgium, where he began his exploration of sports. Despite his father’s basketball background, Šamanić initially gravitated towards soccer, immersing himself in the sport until the age of eleven. His early experiences in soccer not only nurtured his athletic abilities but also laid the foundation for his development as a basketball player, with Šamanić attributing his improved coordination to his time spent playing soccer.

In addition to soccer, Šamanić dabbled in various sports, including handball and tennis. His diverse athletic pursuits underscored his passion for competition and his willingness to explore different disciplines. Moreover, Šamanić briefly engaged in breakdancing during childhood, showcasing his versatility and enthusiasm for physical activities. Despite the lack of documented footage, his fondness for breakdancing is a testament to his adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace new experiences.

Early Life

Šamanić was immersed in the world of basketball from a young age, significantly influenced by his father, Marko Šamanić, who enjoyed a fruitful professional basketball career spanning 19 years, including stints in the prestigious EuroLeague with the Slovenian club Krka. Born into a life of constant relocation due to his father’s job, Šamanić resided in various countries during his formative years, including Belgium, Slovenia, and Germany. His diverse upbringing exposed him to multiple sports, from football and handball to tennis and breakdancing, before he ultimately found his calling in basketball at 11. Notably, his experiences in football played a pivotal role in enhancing his coordination and skill set as a basketball player.

Youth Career

Šamanić embarked on his basketball journey with the local club Zagreb, where his burgeoning talent quickly became evident. Notable performances, such as his impressive display against Šanac Karlovac and Samobor, underscored his potential as a rising star in the basketball arena. His achievements continued to soar as he clinched the Most Valuable Player (MVP) honor in a youth tournament in Italy, showcasing his versatility and dominance on the court. Šamanić’s meteoric rise garnered attention on the international stage, leading him to represent Croatia in various FIBA events, including the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship Division B, where he played a pivotal role in securing a gold medal for his team while earning MVP accolades.

Transition to FC Barcelona

In June 2016, Šamanić embarked on a new chapter in his career by signing a two-year amateur contract with the esteemed Spanish club FC Barcelona, marking a significant milestone in his basketball journey. Initially joining the junior ranks, he wasted no time making his mark, captivating audiences with his athleticism and skill set. Notable achievements, such as winning the Slam Dunk Contest at a youth tournament in Tenerife and emerging as the Rising Star Trophy recipient at the Adidas Next Generation Tournament, solidified his status as a burgeoning talent.

Šamanić’s tenure with FC Barcelona’s junior team witnessed a steady progression, with his stellar performances garnering widespread acclaim and attracting interest from prominent NCAA Division I programs in the United States, including Florida, Gonzaga, Purdue, and Stanford. His dominance on the court was exemplified by his MVP-worthy displays, such as his standout performance at the Ciutat de L’Hospitalet qualifiers for the Adidas Next Generation Tournament, where he showcased his scoring prowess and defensive acumen to earn tournament MVP honors. Despite facing stiff competition, Šamanić’s unwavering determination and dedication to his craft propelled him to greater heights, solidifying his status as one of the most promising young talents in the basketball world.

Professional Career

FC Barcelona B (2017–2018)

During the 2017–18 season, Šamanić showcased his burgeoning talent while competing for FC Barcelona Bàsquet B, the reserve team of FC Barcelona, in the highly competitive LEB Oro, Spain’s second-tier basketball league. His debut in October 2017 hinted at the promise he held, albeit in limited minutes. However, his subsequent performances highlighted his potential, with standout games against formidable opponents such as Cáceres and Araberri, where Šamanić exhibited his scoring prowess and athleticism. His season was punctuated by notable achievements, including a season-high 17-point performance against Palencia, solidifying his role as a critical contributor to the team’s success.

Olimpija (2018–2019)

To further his professional career, Šamanić transitioned to Petrol Olimpija, a Slovenian powerhouse competing in both the Slovenian League and the ABA League. Despite initial challenges, Šamanić quickly found his rhythm, significantly contributing to his new team’s endeavors. Notable highlights include a season-high double-double performance against Šenčur, where he showcased his scoring ability and prowess on the boards. However, his tenure with Olimpija was short-lived, culminating in his departure in late June 2019, marking the end of a brief yet impactful chapter in his career.

San Antonio Spurs (2019–2021)

Šamanić’s aspirations to compete at the highest level led him to declare for the 2019 NBA draft, underscoring his ambition and determination. His selection by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round validated his talent and potential. Šamanić officially joined the Spurs’ roster in July 2019, marking the beginning of his NBA journey. While his initial stint included assignments to the Austin Spurs, the Spurs’ G League affiliate, Šamanić, seized opportunities to showcase his abilities on the NBA stage, including a notable performance in his first NBA start against the Utah Jazz. Despite facing challenges, Šamanić’s tenure with the Spurs exemplified his resilience and commitment to growth.

Westchester Knicks (2021–2022) and Maine Celtics (2022–2023)

Šamanić’s journey in professional basketball saw him traverse various paths, including stints with the Westchester Knicks and the Maine Celtics. Although his time with these teams was relatively brief, Šamanić remained steadfast in his pursuit of excellence, contributing to their respective campaigns while continuing to refine his skills and adapt to different playing environments.

Utah Jazz (2023–Present)

Šamanić’s perseverance ultimately led him to the Utah Jazz, where he signed a pivotal contract in March 2023. His subsequent multi-year deal solidified his place within the team, marking a new chapter in his professional career. As Šamanić continues ping his trade with the Jazz, he remains poised to make significant contributions on the court, cementing his status as a formidable presence in the NBA.

National Team Career

Šamanić’s dedication to basketball extends beyond the professional realm, as evidenced by his representation of Croatia in various FIBA competitions. From his debut at the FIBA Europe Under-16 Championship to his standout performances at the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championships, Šamanić has consistently showcased his talents internationally. Notable accolades include All-Star Five honors and tournament MVP recognition, underscoring his importance to the Croatian national team and his potential to impact the global basketball landscape.

Personal Life

While Šamanić’s professional endeavors have garnered attention, his personal life remains relatively private. Speculation regarding his romantic relationships has surfaced, with fans expressing curiosity about his dating life. However, concrete information regarding Šamanić’s romantic entanglements remains elusive, leaving his relationship status ambiguous. Nonetheless, Šamanić’s focus on his burgeoning basketball career suggests a dedication to his craft and a commitment to achieving his goals.

Net Worth & Salary

As Šamanić continues to make strides in the NBA, his financial standing has notably increased. With an estimated net worth of $3 million as of March 2024, Šamanić’s lucrative contracts with NBA teams have contributed to his burgeoning wealth. His initial rookie scale contract with the San Antonio Spurs, valued at $13.03 million over four years, provided a substantial salary, reflecting his potential as a rising star in the league. Furthermore, his subsequent contracts, including a 10-day deal with the Utah Jazz in 2023, have further bolstered his financial portfolio, solidifying his position as a financially successful athlete in the NBA.


Beyond his accomplishments on the court, Šamanić possesses a multifaceted personality characterized by diverse interests and experiences. Fluent in Croatian, Spanish, and English, he embodies a global perspective reflecting his upbringing and international travels. Šamanić’s admiration for American culture and his affinity for Spanish cuisine highlight his appreciation for diverse cultural experiences. 

Additionally, Šamanić’s commitment to fitness and self-improvement underscores his dedication to excellence both on and off the court, with aspirations to reach his full potential as a basketball player. Amidst comparisons to NBA stars such as Kristaps Porziņģis and Kevin Durant, Šamanić remains steadfast in his pursuit of greatness, driven by a competitive spirit and an unwavering determination to succeed.

Social Media Presence

While Šamanić maintains a relatively modest presence on social media, primarily through Instagram, his popularity among fans remains evident. With over 33.8K followers on the platform, Šamanić’s posts offer glimpses into his life as a professional athlete, allowing fans to engage with his journey both on and off the court.




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