Sasha Vezenkov’s journey from his early life to his current status as a prominent basketball player with the Sacramento Kings in the NBA is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences, achievements, and contributions to the world of professional basketball.

This article delves into the life and career of this talented athlete, tracing his path from his early days to his current status as a rising star in the world’s biggest basketball league.

Quick Facts

Full Name

Aleksandar Vezenkov 

Birth Date

August 6, 1995

Birth Place

Nicosia, Cyprus


The Machine


Orthodox Christian


Greek (previously Bulgarian)


Mixed (Bulgarian and Greek)


Fresno State University



Father’s Name

Sasho Vezenkov

Mother’s Name

Ianka Vezenkova


Michaela Vezenkova (sister)


28 years old (as of February 13, 2024)


6’9″ (206 cm)


230 lbs (104 kg)

NBA Draft

Undrafted in 2017, signed by Sacramento Kings in 2023

Hair Color


Eye Color


Career Highlights & Awards

  • EuroLeague champion (2x)

  • Greek League champion (3x)

  • Greek Cup winner

  • Greek League Most Improved Player


Muscular, athletic

Marital Status

In a relationship


Nikoleta Eleftheriadou 




Power forward


Basketball player

Net Worth

Estimated around $5 million



Currently Plays for

Sacramento Kings



Active Since


Social Media


Sasha Vezenkov Early Life and Upbringing

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, in 1995, Aleksandar Vezenkov, better known as Sasha, was immersed in basketball from a young age. His father, Sasho, a former player and coach, instilled in him a deep love for the game. 

Basketball wasn’t just a sport but a family tradition, a shared passion that shaped Sasha’s identity. Raised in Greek communities in Cyprus and Greece, Sasha developed a solid connection to both cultures, eventually receiving Greek citizenship in 2015.

College Career

Sasha honed his skills at prestigious American universities, starting with a challenging yet rewarding stint at Pittsburgh. He quickly adapted to the physicality of the Big East conference, earning recognition on the Big East All-Freshman Team. He sought a more significant role and system better suited his offensive skills, so he transferred to Fresno State. He blossomed into a dominant force there, leading his team to victories and averaging 23.9 points and 10.7 rebounds in his senior year. His leadership, scoring prowess, and rebounding ability solidified his draft credentials, culminating in his being selected by the Brooklyn Nets in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Professional Career

Aris Thessaloniki (2011-2015)

Instead of entering the NBA immediately, Sasha opted to continue his development in Europe, starting with Aris Thessaloniki in Greece. During this period, he proved crucial in refining his shooting range, defensive awareness, and ability to play multiple positions. His breakout season in 2014-15 earned him the Greek League Most Improved Player award and attracted attention from bigger clubs.

Barcelona B (2015-2016)

Sasha joined FC Barcelona’s B team in Spain’s Liga ACB. While primarily playing in the second division, he gained valuable experience competing against higher-level talent and showcasing his skills on a bigger stage.

Olympiacos (2018-2023)

In 2018, Sasha made a dream move to the powerhouse Olympiacos Piraeus. His seamless integration was remarkable, contributing immediately to their EuroLeague and Greek League victories. His versatility and leadership shone through, with clutch plays and game-winning shots etching his name in the club’s history. He captured multiple EuroLeague and Greek League titles, solidifying his status as a European star.

Sacramento Kings (2023-present)

After years of European dominance, Sasha’s NBA dream finally materialized in 2023 when the Sacramento Kings acquired his draft rights and signed him to a contract. He entered the league with a proven track record and high expectations. While still adjusting to the faster pace and physicality of the NBA, his shooting and defensive skills have already made an impact. The future looks bright for the rising star in Sacramento.

National Team Career

While excelling at the club level, Sasha also proudly represented his national teams. He donned the jersey for Bulgaria, his father’s homeland, and Greece, showcasing his loyalty and talent on the international stage. His emotional connection to Bulgaria fueled his performances as a leading scorer in qualifying campaigns. When the opportunity to represent Greece arose, he embraced the challenge, earning the respect and support of Greek fans. His impactful contributions in EuroBasket tournaments solidified his reputation as a true basketball ambassador, transcending national boundaries.


Sasha’s multicultural background has played a significant role in shaping him as a person and a player. Growing up in Bulgaria and Greece exposed him to diverse cultures and perspectives, contributing to his open-mindedness, adaptability, and ability to connect with people from different backgrounds. He embodies the spirit of unity and understanding, inspiring fans across both nations.

Family Background

Family has always been a cornerstone of Sasha’s life, serving as a source of unwavering support and a driving force behind his success.

Basketball isn’t just a passion for Sasha; it’s embedded in his family lineage. His father, Sasho Vezenkov, was a prominent player in Bulgaria, competing in three EuroBaskets and captaining the national team. He later transitioned to coaching, guiding teams within the Cypriot Basketball League, and influencing Sasha’s early training sessions. Sasha’s dedication and work ethic are undoubtedly shaped by his father’s mentorship and deep understanding of the game.

Motherly Support

Ianka Vezenkova, Sasha’s mother, has been his unwavering cheerleader throughout his career. Her constant belief in his talent and steadfast support have fueled his determination and resilience. Sasha openly acknowledges her positive influence, attributing his mental strength and grounded personality to her presence.

Sibling Inspiration

Sasha’s older sister, Michaela Vezenkova, also excelled in basketball, playing professionally in the Cypriot women’s league and captaining the Cypriot national team. Her dedication and achievements undoubtedly inspired Sasha to pursue his basketball dreams. Their shared passion for the sport strengthens their sibling bond and fosters mutual understanding.

Beyond Basketball

While basketball undoubtedly plays a central role in the Vezenkov family dynamic, their bond extends beyond the court. They share a love for travel and experiencing diverse cultures together. This shared passion highlights their adventurous spirit and ability to find joy and connection outside the basketball realm.

Relationship and Girlfriend

Sasha is currently in a relationship with the renowned Greek water polo player Nikoleta Eleftheriadou. Their shared passion for sports and dedication to their careers create a mutually supportive and understanding partnership. They motivate and inspire each other, with occasional glimpses of their playful interactions on social media offering fans a peek into their supportive relationship.


Sasha’s trophy cabinet is a testament to his dedication and talent. He boasts multiple Greek League championships, EuroLeague titles, Greek Cup victories, and individual awards. Beyond the accolades, his impact lies in his ability to elevate his team’s performance with clutch plays, defensive tenacity, and leadership on and off the court. Experts and fans predict a bright future in the NBA, highlighting his potential to achieve even greater things.

Social Media Presence

Sasha actively engages with his fans on social media platforms like Instagram. He shares glimpses into his training sessions, game highlights, and personal life, connecting with followers on a deeper level and fostering a loyal community.

Salary and Net Worth

While specific details about his salary are not provided, Vezenkov’s estimated net worth is reported to be $5 million, a testament to his successful career and lucrative NBA deal with the Sacramento Kings.

Sasha Vezenkov Girlfriend Nikoleta Eleftheriadou: Personal Life and Career

While Sasha Vezenkov ignites the Sacramento Kings’ court with his basketball prowess, his biggest supporter might be making waves in a different arena: the water polo pool. Nikoleta Eleftheriadou, Vezenkov’s girlfriend, is not just cheering him on from the sidelines; she’s a rising star in her own right, carving her path with a powerful stroke in the dynamic world of water polo.

From Athens to Olympian Dreams

Born in 1994 in Athens, Greece, Eleftheriadou’s connection to water polo started early. Drawn to the sport’s unique blend of strategy, physicality, and teamwork, she honed her skills at the prestigious Glyfada Water Polo Academy. Her talent blossomed quickly, catching the eye of national team selectors. By her late teens, she represented Greece in international competitions, her name echoing in the stands amidst cheers and splashes.


Eleftheriadou’s career is a testament to her dedication and talent. She’s a vital member of the Greek national team, having competed in major tournaments like the 2018 European Championship and the 2020 FINA Women’s Water Polo World League. Her agility, sharp strategic mind, and powerful throws have earned her the respect of teammates and opponents. Whether driving towards the goal with unwavering determination or unleashing an unstoppable shot, Eleftheriadou leaves a mark on every game.

Beyond the Athelic Life

While water polo reigns supreme in her athletic life, Eleftheriadou isn’t confined to the pool. She enjoys exploring other interests and showcasing her multifaceted personality on social media. Her infectious enthusiasm and bubbly spirit shine through, connecting her with a dedicated fan base who admire her beyond her athletic achievements. This vibrant online presence allows her to inspire young girls, demonstrating that athletic prowess can coexist with other passions.

Relatiosnhip with NBA Sasha Vezenkov

The connection between Eleftheriadou and Vezenkov goes far beyond a romantic relationship. They deeply understand and respect each other’s demanding athletic careers. Their shared passion for sports fosters a unique bond, allowing them to relate to the pressures and triumphs of being professional athletes. They celebrate each other’s victories with genuine joy, offering unwavering support during challenging times. This mutual understanding transcends cheers and encouragement; it’s a silent language of shared experience and steadfast belief, fueling each other’s drive to excel.

With Eleftheriadou and Vezenkov rising in their respective careers, the future holds exciting possibilities. They continue to inspire young water polo and basketball athletes, demonstrating the power of dedication, hard work, and unwavering support. While their paths may take them to different competitions and arenas, their shared journey is undoubtedly one to watch. Eleftheriadou, a force to be reckoned with in the water polo world, will continue to make waves, not just in the pool but also as a source of inspiration and support for her partner and aspiring athletes everywhere.



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