Kessler Donovan Edwards, born on August 9, 2000, has swiftly risen through the ranks to establish himself as a promising force in professional basketball. Currently donning the jersey of the Sacramento Kings in the esteemed National Basketball Association (NBA), Edwards’ journey from high school stardom to the professional courts exemplifies dedication and talent.

Quick Facts

Full Name

Kessler Donovan Edwards

Known As

Kessler Edwards



Birth Date

August 9, 2000

Birth Place

Glendale, California




Majoring in Interpersonal Communication

Father’s Name

Fred Edwards

Mother’s Name

Ada Edwards


Brothers – Kyle and Kameron




6 feet 7 inches (2.01 meters)


203 pounds (92 kilograms)


CBI Champion (2021), All-WCC selections


Professional Basketball Player

Marital Status







  • Sacramento Kings (NBA)

  • Brooklyn Nets (NBA)


  • Nike

  • Adidas

Net Worth

$5 million 

NBA Draft Pick

44th overall (2021)







Social Media

Twitter Instagram  

Kessler Edwards Early Life and Family Background

Kessler Edwards, the son of Fred and Ada Edwards, emerged from a supportive and athletic family environment that laid the groundwork for his remarkable journey.

Kessler Edwards was born in Glendale, California, where the seeds of his love for basketball were planted. In this vibrant city, he took his first steps, both literally and metaphorically, toward a future that would see him become a standout athlete on the basketball court.

With two brothers, Kyle and Kameron, the Edwards household was undoubtedly a hub of sports enthusiasm. Notably, Kameron, his older brother, became more than just a family member but a teammate during their time at Pepperdine.

The camaraderie between Kessler and Kameron extended beyond the bonds of brotherhood onto the basketball court. Sharing the court for two seasons at Pepperdine University, the brothers formed a dynamic duo that showcased their individual skills and the synergy that comes from a deep familial connection.


Beyond the basketball court, Kessler Edwards demonstrated a commitment to education. Majoring in interpersonal communication, he understood the importance of effective communication on and off the court. This academic pursuit underscored his holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

When the time came to choose a university, Pepperdine stood out for Kessler. The decision blended familiarity, proximity to home, and the unique opportunity to play alongside his older brother. In his own words, he chose Pepperdine because it was “very familiar with the school and team, close to home, a top 50 academic school, and the chance to play with my older brother.”

This decision solidified his academic path and marked the beginning of a collegiate basketball journey that would see him excel and gain recognition on the national stage.

High School Career

Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, California, Edwards honed his skills at Etiwanda High School. Even during his junior years, his prowess on the court was evident, averaging an impressive 17 points and nine rebounds per game, which led to him securing First Team All-Baseline League honors. 

Edwards’ senior year saw him dominating the competition with averages of 21.3 points and 7.3 rebounds per game, rightfully earning him the title of Baseline League MVP. His tenure with Prodigy Elite on the Amateur Athletic Union circuit further solidified his status as a promising prospect, ultimately leading to a collegiate commitment to Pepperdine University.

College Career

Transitioning into college basketball, Edwards continued to showcase his talent with the Pepperdine Waves. In his first year, he maintained a respectable average of 10 points and 5.6 rebounds per game, earning recognition as a WCC All-Freshman Team selection. Edwards’ sophomore campaign witnessed a significant uptick in performance, as he averaged 13.8 points and a team-leading 7.5 rebounds per game, culminating in a Second Team All-WCC distinction. 

A standout moment came on January 21, 2021, when he delivered a career-high performance of 37 points and 11 rebounds in a commanding victory over Pacific. Notably, Edwards played a pivotal role in leading Pepperdine to the College Basketball Invitational title, clinching the MVP honors. In his junior year, he further solidified his collegiate legacy, averaging 17.2 points and 6.8 rebounds per game, earning First Team All-WCC recognition.

Professional Career

Brooklyn Nets (2021–2023)

The transition to the professional realm commenced with Edwards’ selection in the second round of the 2021 NBA draft by the Brooklyn Nets, signaling the onset of his NBA journey. Initially, Edwards traversed between the Brooklyn Nets and their NBA G League affiliate, the Long Island Nets, under a two-way contract. His undeniable talent and commitment were duly rewarded when, on April 10, 2022, his contract was elevated to a standard NBA contract. This marked a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

Subsequently, Edwards’ tenure with the Nets flourished as he inked a reported two-year contract extension on July 6, 2022, underscoring the team’s faith in his potential. 

Sacramento Kings (2023–present)

However, fate had another chapter in store for him as he embarked on a new chapter with the Sacramento Kings on February 8, 2023. In a strategic move, Edwards and cash considerations were traded to the Kings, solidifying his role as a critical asset for the franchise’s future endeavors.

Physical Attributes

With a towering stature of 6 feet 7 inches and a weight of 203 pounds, Kessler Edwards possesses a unique blend of agility and power, allowing him to be a versatile force on the basketball court. His wingspan and physical conditioning contribute to his impact in rebounding, shot-blocking, and universal play, showcasing the significance of his physical attributes in shaping his dynamic presence in professional basketball.

Awards and Achievements

Kessler Edwards’ basketball journey has been adorned with notable awards and achievements, underscoring his exceptional skills and sports contributions.

  • CBI champion (2021)

  • First-team All-WCC (2021)

  • Second-team All-WCC (2020)

  • WCC All-Freshman Team (2019)

Personal Life and Relationship

Despite his rising prominence in the world of basketball, Kessler Edwards is known for maintaining a low profile when it comes to his personal life. Details about his romantic relationships and marital status are limited, as he consciously shields his private life from intense media scrutiny. Edwards prioritizes his personal space, focusing on his career and development as a basketball player.

Salary and Net Worth

One of the indicators of Kessler Edwards’ successful career trajectory is his notable growth in net worth over the years. In 2018, his net worth stood at $3.6 million, steadily climbing to $5 million by 2023. This financial ascent reflects his talent on the court and the strategic decisions in his professional journey.

Contracts and Endorsements

As of the latest information, Kessler Edwards is currently a part of the Sacramento Kings in the NBA, showcasing his skills at the professional level. Beyond his on-court achievements, Edwards has expanded his influence with endorsement deals from major brands like Nike and Adidas. These partnerships enhance his financial standing and solidify his presence in the sports and entertainment industry.



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