Juan Ronel Toscano-Anderson, born on April 10, 1993, is a Mexican-American professional basketball player known for his diverse background and versatile skills on the court. Hailing from East Oakland, California, Toscano-Anderson’s journey from high school success to becoming an NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors in 2022 reflects his resilience, cultural embrace, and commitment to excellence. 

This brief overview explores critical aspects of his life, from his upbringing in a multicultural environment to his notable achievements in college, professional basketball, and international competitions.

Quick Facts

Full Name

Juan Ronel Toscano-Anderson

Birth Date

April 10, 1993

Birth Place

Oakland, California, U.S.

Nick Name





Mexican / American




Marquette University

Father’s Name


Mother’s Name

Patricia Toscano


  • Avery Toscano

  • Andrew Toscano

  • Ariana Toscano




6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)


209 lb (95 kg)

NBA Draft

Undrafted (2015)

Career Highlights & Awards

  • NBA champion (2022)

  • 2× LNBP champion (2017, 2019)

  • LNBP Most Valuable Player (2018)

  • 2× LNBP All-Star (2016, 2017)

  • 2× LNBP All-Star Game MVP (2016, 2017)



Marital Status


Girlfriend / Wife

Arianna Linaa 




Small Forward


Professional Basketball Player

Net Worth

$7 million



Currently Plays for

Sacramento Kings


NBA G League

Active Since


Social Media

Twitter Instagram  

Juan Toscano-Anderson Early Life and Career

Juan Ronel Toscano-Anderson was born to a mixed heritage on April 10, 1993, in East Oakland, California. His father is African-American, while his mother is Mexican-American. This diverse background shaped Toscano-Anderson’s upbringing, where he embraced both Mexican and American cultures. Growing up in Oakland, he was immersed in the Spanish language and Mexican traditions, celebrating Mexican holidays alongside American ones.

His jersey number, 95, holds significance, paying homage to his childhood home on Oakland’s 95th Avenue. During his formative years, Toscano-Anderson primarily identified himself as Juan Anderson for simplicity.

In high school, Toscano-Anderson, then Juan Anderson, made a mark in basketball. He led Castro Valley High School to a record-setting season in 2010-11, clinching the program’s most wins, league titles, and North Coast Section titles. His stellar performance earned him numerous accolades, including first-team all-league and all-metro honors, showcasing his talent and leadership on the court.

College Career

Toscano-Anderson’s collegiate journey began with Marquette University in the 2011-12 NCAA season. Despite facing initial hurdles, including an NCAA suspension and injuries, he made significant contributions to the team’s success. His sophomore, junior, and senior years showcased his development as a versatile player, excelling in scoring, rebounding, and defensive plays.

Throughout his college career, Toscano-Anderson consistently demonstrated his commitment to excellence, earning recognition for his court performance and leadership within the team.

Professional Career

Soles de Mexicali (2015–2016)

After undrafted in the 2015 NBA draft, Toscano-Anderson began his professional journey in Mexico, joining Soles de Mexicali in the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional (LNBP). This stint allowed him to gain valuable experience and showcase his skills professionally.

Bucaneros de La Guaira (2016)

Toscano-Anderson expanded his international experience by joining Bucaneros de La Guaira in Venezuela’s Liga Profesional de Baloncesto (LPB) 2016. He demonstrated versatility and contributed significantly on the court during his time with the team.

Fuerza Regia de Monterrey (2016–2018)

The next phase of his career saw Toscano-Anderson playing for Fuerza Regia de Monterrey. This marked his second professional basketball season, and he continued to develop his game and make an impact on the team.

Santa Cruz Warriors (2018–2020)

2018 Toscano-Anderson returned to the United States, joining the Santa Cruz Warriors in the NBA G League. His time with the Santa Cruz Warriors served as a crucial period in his career, allowing him to showcase his abilities and catch the attention of NBA scouts.

Golden State Warriors (2020–2022)

On February 6, 2020, Toscano-Anderson signed a three-year deal with the Golden State Warriors, realizing his dream of playing in the NBA. His tenure with the Warriors included standout moments, such as recording a career-high 16 points against the Pelicans on February 23, 2020. He played a significant role on the team, contributing both on the court and off, earning recognition for his community service.

While initially released by the Warriors on December 19, 2020, Toscano-Anderson’s resilience led to his re-signing on a two-way contract and later to a standard NBA contract in May 2021. He continued to make history by participating in the Slam Dunk Contest 2022 and winning the NBA championship with the Warriors in June 2022.

Los Angeles Lakers (2022–2023)

Toscano-Anderson’s journey took him to the Los Angeles Lakers in July 2022, where he continued contributing to his team’s efforts on the court. His return to Golden State as an opponent in October 2022 was marked by a standing ovation from the Bay Area crowd, a testament to his impact during his time with the Warriors.

Utah Jazz (2023)

Traded to the Utah Jazz in a three-team trade on February 9, 2023, Toscano-Anderson brought his skills and energy to a new team. He made his Jazz debut on February 15, recording seven points and ten rebounds against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Capitanes de Ciudad de México / Sacramento Kings (2023–2024)

In September 2023, Toscano-Anderson signed with the Capitanes de Ciudad de México in the NBA G League. Later, he joined the Sacramento Kings in December 2023 but was waived in January 2024. Despite the challenges, he signed a 10-day contract with the Kings, showcasing his resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of professional basketball.

National Team Career

In addition to his accomplishments in professional basketball, Juan Toscano-Anderson has also made significant contributions to international basketball as a member of the Mexico national team.

His participation in the 2016 FIBA World Olympic qualifying tournament in Turin, Italy, highlighted his commitment to representing his heritage and competing at the highest level of international basketball. Under the banner of the Mexico national team, Toscano-Anderson showcased his talents on a global stage, proudly donning his country’s colors and embodying the spirit of athleticism and sportsmanship.

Playing for the Mexico national team allowed Toscano-Anderson to connect with his roots and inspire a new generation of Mexican basketball players. His presence on the court served as a source of pride for Mexican basketball enthusiasts, demonstrating the depth of talent and potential within the country’s basketball community.

Ethnicity and Upbringing

Juan Toscano-Anderson, born on April 10, 1993, in Oakland, California, is a Mexican-American professional basketball player known for his versatility on the court. His father is African-American, and his mother, Patricia Toscano, is Mexican-American. The Toscano-Anderson family’s roots can be traced back to Michoacan, Mexico, where they emigrated in the 1940s, settling in Oakland.

Growing up, Juan faced the challenge of navigating his identity, being of Mexican descent in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. Despite the cultural complexities, he embraced both sides of his heritage. He became fluent in Spanish and visited Chevy, Mexico, to connect with his roots, demonstrating a commitment to understanding and appreciating his Mexican heritage.

Family and Personal Struggles

Challenges marked Juan Toscano-Anderson’s upbringing, and he has been open about his journey. Raised on 95th Avenue in deep East Oakland, he proudly wears the No.95 on his jersey as a tribute to the street where he grew up. His mother, Patricia, played a pivotal role in his life, being a single mother of four and facing adversities, including homelessness.

Patricia Toscano shared the difficulties the family experienced, including living in a car at times. Tragically, Juan’s younger brother, nephew, and two cousins lost their lives in the same streets where he was raised. Despite these hardships, Patricia remained determined to provide a better future for her son.

By age 14, Patricia’s goal was clear: to get Juan to college. She expressed pride in seeing her son defy the odds, emphasizing his importance in becoming one of the “positive ones.” Juan Toscano-Anderson’s journey from a challenging upbringing to NBA success is a testament to his resilience and the support of his mother.

Relationship and Girlfriend

Juan Toscano-Anderson’s girlfriend is Arianna Linaa, and their relationship has been ongoing since 2018. Arianna is an alumna of the University of South Florida and, reportedly, is 25 years old. Despite the public nature of Juan’s profession, the couple has managed to keep their relationship relatively private.

In a heartfelt message on Instagram in May 2021, Juan thanked Arrianna for providing wisdom, clarity, patience, love, and belief in their relationship. The couple’s commitment to each other is evident in their shared moments and celebrations.


Juan Toscano-Anderson stands out in basketball with a remarkable list of achievements.

  • NBA champion (2022)

  • 2× LNBP champion (2017, 2019)

  • LNBP Most Valuable Player (2018)

  • 2× LNBP All-Star (2016, 2017)

  • 2× LNBP All-Star Game MVP (2016, 2017)

Social Media Presence

Toscano-Anderson maintains an active presence on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram. Engaging with fans, sharing insights into his life, and showcasing both on and off-court moments, his social media presence provides a personal connection with supporters. He offers glimpses into his journey through posts and stories, contributing to a sense of community among basketball enthusiasts.

Salary and Net Worth

With a net worth estimated at $7 million, Juan Toscano-Anderson’s financial success is a testament to his valuable contributions to professional basketball. In 2022, he agreed to a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers worth $1,902,133, reflecting his on-court prowess and his market value as a sought-after player. His earnings reflect both his international and NBA experiences, solidifying his status as a financially successful athlete.

Juan Toscano-Anderson Girlfriend Arianna Linaa: Personal Life and Career

Arianna Linaa, recognized as the girlfriend of NBA player Juan Toscano-Anderson and a thriving entrepreneur, has been making waves in the fashion industry with her swimwear brand, Dusk Swim. As the founder of this burgeoning business, Arianna’s journey is marked by achievements, educational accomplishments, and a supportive role in her partner’s basketball career.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

One of the notable aspects of Arianna’s life is her entrepreneurial spirit. She is the visionary behind Dusk Swim, a brand that has swiftly become synonymous with premium swimwear. Launched just last year at 480 Mission Cove Avenue North, 1307, San Francisco, California, Dusk Swim has positioned itself as a go-to destination for individuals seeking high-quality and stylish swimwear.

Educational Background

Arianna Linaa’s commitment to personal growth extends to her educational pursuits. A University of San Francisco graduate, she achieved her degree on May 21, 2017. Her association with South Florida College also reflects a dedication to academic excellence and continuous learning.

Age and Birthday Celebration

Born on February 5, 1995, Arianna recently celebrated her 29th birthday. A post from the previous year captured her gratitude for warm birthday wishes as she embraced the age of 28. Arianna shares glimpses of her life through her social media presence, blending personal moments with insights into her brand and professional endeavors.

Relationship with Juan Toscano-Anderson

Arianna and Juan Toscano-Anderson’s relationship began in 2018. Despite the couple’s high-profile lives, they have maintained a private connection. Juan has Publicly expressed gratitude to Arianna for her unwavering support, often acknowledging her role in his life through heartfelt social media posts.

Supportive Presence in Basketball Career

Arianna Linaa is frequently seen courtside, passionately cheering on Juan Toscano-Anderson during his basketball games. Her Instagram stories showcase her enthusiasm for his achievements and the couple’s shared journey from Juan’s college basketball days with the Marquette Golden Eagles to their experiences in the NBA.

Expansion of Business Horizons

Beyond the success of Dusk Swim, Arianna has expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors. Recent additions include a clothing line featuring items inspired by various locations, such as Tulum, Aruba, and La Ribera. The venture demonstrates her creative flair and a keen understanding of market trends.

Recent Activities and Lifestyle

Arianna Linaa’s recent trip back to San Francisco was marked by moments of relaxation and enjoyment at a beachside restaurant, providing a glimpse into her laid-back yet vibrant lifestyle. Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, she actively supports Juan during his preseason activities with the NBA.

Personal Connections and Collaborations

Arianna has seamlessly integrated into Juan Toscano-Anderson’s life, fostering close relationships with his mother and sister. The couple has also collaborated on promotional activities for DANNIJO, a lifestyle brand known for its statement jewelry and resort-recreation apparel.

Arianna Linaa’s journey embodies the fusion of entrepreneurial success, educational achievements, and a fulfilling personal life with NBA player Juan Toscano-Anderson. Her contributions to the fashion industry and her supportive role in Juan’s career showcase the multi-faceted nature of her dynamic and inspiring life. Arianna Linaa remains a noteworthy figure in the world of entrepreneurship and sports partnerships as she continues to make strides in both business and personal spheres.



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