Ashton Dewayne Hagans, born on July 8, 1999, is a professional basketball player from the United States. Known for his tenacious defense and playmaking abilities, Hagans has made a mark in both collegiate and professional basketball circuits. He plies his trade for the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA, showcasing his skills on a two-way contract deal with the Rip City Remix of the NBA G League.

Quick Facts

Full Name

Ashton Dewayne Hagans

Known As

Ashton Hagans



Birth Date

July 8, 1999

Birth Place

Covington, Georgia, United States






University of Kentucky

Zodiac Sign


Father’s Name


Mother’s Name







6 ft 3 in (191 cm)


190 lb (86 kg)

Body type



Professional basketball player

Marital Status






Active since

2020 (NBA)


  • Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Portland Trail Blazers

  • Rip City Remix

  • Raptors 905

  • Fort Wayne Mad Ants

  • Greensboro Swarm


  • SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year (2019)

  • SEC All-Defensive Team (2020)

  • Mr. Georgia Basketball (2018)



Net Worth

Estimated around $1 million

NBA Draft Pick



Point Guard


NBA, NBA G League



Social Media

Instagram. Twitter   

Ashton Hagans High School Career

Hagans’ journey to basketball prominence began at Newton High School in Covington, Georgia. During his junior year, he displayed versatility on the court, averaging an impressive stat line of 20.2 pts, 10.7 assists, 7.6 rebs, and 3.6 steals per game. His stellar performance earned him accolades, such as Mr. Basketball in Georgia and the prestigious Gatorade Georgia Player of the Year honors.

Recruiting and College Career


Initially committing to the University of Georgia, Hagans later opted to join the Kentucky Wildcats, a powerhouse in college basketball. His decision to reclassify to the 2018 class further showcased his readiness to compete at the collegiate level. Hagans’ tenure at Kentucky was marked by impactful performances, including a notable game against his former commitment, the Georgia Bulldogs, where he scored 23 points in a convincing win. As a freshman, he demonstrated his defensive prowess, starting in 29 games and averaging impressive numbers in steals, earning him recognition as the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year.

Professional Career

Minnesota Timberwolves (2020–2021)

After an impressive collegiate career, Hagans entered the professional realm by signing a two-way contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves following the 2020 NBA draft. Despite his undeniable potential, his stint with the Timberwolves was brief. Unfortunately, he faced challenges that led to his release from the team, marking a temporary setback in his professional journey.

Raptors 905 (2021–2022)

Hagans’ journey continued as he sought opportunities in the NBA G League, a developmental league known for nurturing emerging talents. He was expected to join the Toronto Raptors for the 2021 NBA Summer League, but an injury sidelined him. However, he didn’t let this setback deter him. He eventually found a home with Raptors 905, the G League affiliate of the Toronto Raptors, where he honed his skills and continued to showcase his potential.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants / Greensboro Swarm (2022–2023)

In his quest for growth and exposure, Hagans journeyed through different G League teams, each providing him with valuable experiences and opportunities to prove his worth. He initially signed with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, demonstrating his abilities in a competitive basketball environment. However, his time with the Mad Ants was short-lived, as he later transitioned to the Greensboro Swarm, another G League team, where he made significant contributions on the court.

Portland Trail Blazers / Rip City Remix (2023–present)

In October 2023, Hagans found a new opportunity with the Portland Trail Blazers, marking another milestone in his professional career. Despite being waived on the same day, he persevered and joined the Rip City Remix, the G League affiliate of the Portland Trail Blazers. His resilience and determination shone through as he continued to showcase his skills and make valuable contributions to the team.

Physical Attributes

Ashton Dewayne Hagans possesses an impressive physique that has contributed to his success on the basketball court. Standing at a listed height of 6 feet 3 inches (191 centimeters) and weighing in at 190 pounds (86 kilograms), Hagans combines size, strength, and agility to excel in various aspects of the game.

Hagans’ height gives him an advantage as a guard, allowing him to see the court well and make precise passes over defenders. His athleticism enables him to drive to the basket quickly and explosively, while his strength and body control help him finish plays through contact. Additionally, his agility and lateral quickness make him a formidable defender, capable of staying in front of his opponents and disrupting passing lanes.

Achievements and Awards

Throughout his basketball career, Ashton Hagans has garnered numerous accolades and achievements, highlighting his exceptional talent and contributions to the sport:

  • NBA G League Next Up Game (2024)

  • SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year (2019)

  • SEC All-Defensive Team (2020)

  • Mr. Georgia Basketball (2018) 

Relationship Status

Ashton Hagans, the talented basketball player known for his dedication and skill on the court, focuses on his career while navigating the complexities of personal relationships. Despite being a prominent figure in the basketball world, Hagans appears to be single, focusing on honing his craft and pursuing success in his professional endeavors.

Hagans’ commitment to his career is evident in his relentless pursuit of excellence on the basketball court. From his standout performances in high school, where he earned accolades such as Mr. Georgia Basketball, to his collegiate success at the University of Kentucky, where he was named SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year, Hagans has consistently demonstrated his dedication and passion for the game. His focus on his career has propelled him through various challenges and opportunities, shaping him into the accomplished athlete he is today.


In the 2023-2024 season, Hagans’ salary was reported differently across various sources. According to SalarySwish, his salary for that season amounted to $559,782. However, sources such as Spotrac suggest that he may not have had a guaranteed contract with the Portland Trail Blazers during that time. Despite the discrepancy, it’s evident that Hagans has earned a significant salary throughout his NBA career, reflecting his value as a professional athlete.

Net Worth

Ashton Hagan’s estimated net worth is around $500,000, encompassing his earnings from NBA contracts, endorsements, and other sources of income. While Hagans’ net worth may fluctuate over time, it is a testament to his success and accomplishments in professional basketball. Additionally, his net worth underscores the financial stability and opportunities of a career in the NBA, highlighting the rewards of dedication, hard work, and talent.



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