NBA Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors



Venue:Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Prediction:Cleveland Cavaliers

This Friday. The Gloden State Warriors (22-22) head to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse to take on the (28-18) Cleveland Cavaliers. Before the match, the teams had 55 head-to-head matches. Cleveland Cavaliers, with 18, were stronger in them, and Golden State Warriors were that in 37 games. Despite the difference, the meeting will be stressful, and we will try to identify a favorite of the meeting.


The Golden State Warriors have dropped to 6th place in the West divisions, as they are 9.5 games back from the 1st-place Nuggets. On offense, they are scoring 117.5 ppg, and they have shot 47.3% from the field. The Club is coming into this game after defeating the Wizards (127-118). They also clash with the Boston Celtics on Thursday night. The Warriors will have to stay efficient on the defensive end of the field if they want to stay competitive in this contest.



The Cleveland is presently in 5th place in the Eastern divisions, as they trail the 1st-place Boston Celtics by 5.5 games. Offensively, they are scoring 111.6 points per game, and they have shot 48.2% from the field. Cleveland entered this contest after falling to Memphis (115-114). They hustle at the free-throw line, as they only shot 66.7% from the stripe. They will have to take advantage of their free looks at the line to compete with the Warriors at home.


Summing up all of the above, in the process of detailed analysis of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors matchup, we found many pitfalls that, under the worst circumstances, could throw us off the course. I am going to take the Cavs at home, as they are the better team on the defensive end of the court. They will slow this game down and make it tough for the Warriors to score consistently. The Cavs are for the win.

Team Comparison

2818.60919-49-1417-811-107-3111.6107.1Lost 1

2222.50017-55-179-1313-94-4117.5117.9Won 1


Offensive Stats        




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