Joel Embiid’s Potential Move to OKC Thunder: An NBA Mock Trade Scenario

Joel Embiid’s Potential Move to OKC Thunder: An NBA Mock Trade Scenario

The ongoing James Harden situation might have a ripple effect, potentially leading to Joel Embiid’s departure from Philadelphia, with the Oklahoma City Thunder emerging as a possible destination. Harden’s recent remarks, including branding Philadelphia 76ers GM Daryl Morey as a “liar,” coupled with a series of playoff disappointments, could be nudging superstar Embiid towards exploring new horizons – a trend seen among several NBA luminaries.

However, suitors for the MVP’s talents will be few and far between. While Embiid might have preferred destinations, crafting a package that satisfies Philadelphia’s needs for relinquishing a player who’s been the bedrock of their success for nearly half a decade will take more work.

Enter the Thunder, boasting a burgeoning cadre of young talents and arguably the league’s most enviable cache of future draft picks. For many, acquiring Embiid would be a slam dunk for OKC. Yet, the team is content to nurture its existing core for potential future victories. Nevertheless, if circumstances align, they might pull the trigger, seeking to shorten their timeline with additional elite, win-now players.

A hypothetical trade between the Thunder and the 76ers for Embiid could take shape as follows:

Oklahoma City receives:

  • Joel Embiid

Philadelphia receives:

  • Josh Giddey

  • Luguentz Dort

  • Davis Bertans

  • Ousmane Dieng

  • 2025 Sixers First-Round Pick

  • 2026 Rockets First-Round Pick

  • 2026 Clippers First-Round Pick

Assuming this trade materializes during the following offseason, the Thunder’s gains are significant: they acquire one of the league’s premier players, with two years left on his contract. This adds Embiid, in his prime, to a core that includes Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jalen Williams, and Chet Holmgren.

In return, the Sixers secure a fresh cornerstone in the form of 20-year-old Josh Giddey, who can now command his team as the starting point guard. Lu Dort and Davis Bertans are included to balance the salaries, with Dort offering a cost-effective and reliable piece for their new era. Ousmane Dieng represents a long-term project with potential upside.

The draft picks, which carry substantial potential, compensate the 76ers for relinquishing a marquee player. Although the specific players and picks might vary, barring Gilgeous-Alexander, this framework could serve as the initial blueprint for an improbable but intriguing trade.

The scenario remains speculative, yet the tantalizing prospect of Embiid donning a Thunder jersey adds another layer of intrigue to the ever-evolving NBA landscape.



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