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Minimum deposit has 2 main deposit options; use a crypto wallet code or a QR code. Depositing with a crypto wallet code requires you to copy the code from your wallet and paste it into your account. You can also make deposits by scanning’s QR code using the Crypto Wallet app. Transactions must go through at least 3 blockchain confirmations to authorize deposits to your account. It may take several hours due to third-party transaction processes and currency exchange.

The minimum deposit for a account is 0.0005 BTC (mBTC 0.5). USDT and EUR require at least 10 cryptocurrencies, while TRX and SOC require 100 units. The others are:

  • ETH (0.005)

  • LTC (0.1)

  • CYN (70)

  • ADA 15 XRP

  • BRL (50)

The minimum deposit made through MoonPay is 20 EUR, while the minimum deposit made through MuchBetter is 100 rupees.

Sportsbet divides its maximum withdrawals according to different sports or clusters. Football has the highest payout rate and is worth €2,000,000 in the digital currency of your choice. American football comes in second with €500,000, while has a maximum payout of €100,000 for any other sport.


Best Highest odds betting site in the World 2022
  • Highest odds No.1
  • bank transferwise
  • legal betting license
Best Highest odds betting site in the World 2022
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