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What is 22bet verification

You don’t need to verify your 22bet account until it is required. Our theory, based on personal experience, is that the betting site’s policies have some internal indicators – probably related to your activities/withdrawals that lead to them asking for confirmation/verification. If you want to withdraw an insignificant amount, these indicators may not apply to you.


However, if necessary, they will contact you (and leave a notice on their website) asking you to provide some of the following supporting documents:

  • A color photo of a valid identity card;

  • Proof of payment (depending on the method of payment)


The purpose of account verification at 22bet

The process usually happens for two reasons:

  • Age verification – to verify that the account holder has reached the legal age of majority as defined by the gaming laws of the user’s country;

  • Account verification – proving that the person who registered the account, paid for it, used it, and is now trying to withdraw money from it is one and the same.

The age or account verification process at 22bet can take up to 72 hours.


Verification issues that may occur at 22bet

Apart from realistically unsolvable problems (e.g. outright refusal to accept documents), you may find yourself in a situation where 22bet requests images of a specific quality/size/angle or specific proof of your identity/address (e.g. utility bill). ). These potential requirements are written into their policies with an ominous warning that they may request even more additional information (the clause doesn’t specify to what extent), including notarized copies of documents.


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